“La Liberté guidant le peuple”

Vera Nada & Ljuba

Вера, Нада и Љуба масло на медијапан oil on mediapan board 2012


When the stars fall, come back.

On the soul

The paths of love are strange

масло на медијапан oil on mediapan board 135х215 cm

Broken Dreams

    my city, my life, their story all the tired sad faces…


Танго масло на медиапан 109х185 цм

Drunk IN love



Drunk in love

Mother’s Children

Толку е тажно кога во нечии детски очи нема да видам љубов кон светот.


I will publish each day my very personal notes from the people I met…follow me


from today on…

The color story

The Color Story: Coloring Book by Ana Androska

Skopje & the secret

Skopje and the secrets

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